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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  June 16, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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office. a custodian found her body friday and police stood outside several hours waiting for a search warrant. police said she was stabbed to death. they are not releasing any information or motive for a possible suspect at this time. no charges against the driver who hit and killed a four-year- old little boy. it was after 6:00 friday night on liberty parkway. while police say the child came into the world between two parked cars and hit by a taxi. >> the car that hit him was a 2006 ford crown victoria owned by the silver cab of baltimore. the driver was jessie guy, 43 from park lawn avenue. no charges have been filed but the investigation continued. >> skyler's family will never forget and they want you to make sure you remember skyler, his life, his enthusiasm and spirit and they want to find
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out who killed him. he was walking in pasadena in april when someone hit him and another teen and then took off. yesterday there was an event here in pasadena to remember skyler and make it clear to the driver who hit him, they will find you. anyone anyone with information about the crash is asked to call crimestoppers and get an award. >> who would shoot up a cake shot? police were called out to the 1800 block of saint margaret's road for report of gunshots. they found the bakery with window damage. then they found two neighboring homes hit. one bullet hit the wall no one was hurt. a person at the scene thought the gunfire might have come from a passing car. do you take this man to take this man? a proud mass wedding today at baltimore's pride festival. couples committed the rest of
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their lives to one another. many have been together for decades. many met right here and wanted to make it official where it all began. >> we met here in 1986. the civil union. it was important to be here. >> maryland passed a law last year. >> developing right now, edward stone said he is a whistleblower protecting our civil liberties. tonight it is believed that snowden is hiding in hong kong. chuck has the latest developments for us tonight. >> reporter: the longer edward snowden stays underground in china, the greater grows fears he may defect and give u.s. security secrets. >> everyday he is in china erodes his claim he is a whistleblower. the information he has in his
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head or on his person or his computer or thumb drive is very valuable to the chinese. ever they haven't exploited it already >> exec they will be. he told people that if you think i made a mistake misunderstands my intentions. i'm not here to hide from justice. i'm here to reveal criminal ty. >> i think he is a traitor. >> former vice president dick cha know said he is the enemy. >> it is one of the worst occasions in my memory of somebody with access to classified information doing enormous damage to the united states. >> in hong kong edward snowden is a folk hero to some who condemned the u.s. >> we demand an apology by mr. obama.
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the father of edward snowden's girlfriend said he never would. >> it is shocked that he went this for with this information and this whole situation. >> now, the question is how much further will he go. chuck seeber son, abc news, new york. >> this father's day it wasn't about the new tie, it was about the kidney. you're going to hear an unbelievable kidney swap. >> and harley-davidson. why the pope gave a press conference here at saint peters' square.
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you have to follow this. here is a father's day story about a son who saved his dad's life. he hoped for a new kidney and tonight from no future to a new future with the help of his son who donated his kidney but not
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to his dad. brothers from mississippi received jim's son's kidney. then a mississippi brother gave a kidney to a man in houston. jim got his from a guy who needed another kidney. that is a six-way swap. unbelievable. >> great day at the maryland zoo for the ten miler. 6,000 came out to the 6th annual put together race. at 7:30 the race was on. now here is the deal. our cheryl connor who we will see in solid last place, for the reason, to start last and pass runners as she can. for each person she passes she can give $1 for the girls. cheryl managed to pass more than 3,000 runners meaning she hands over more than $3,000 to the girls on the one program. that is now in 41 schools and just started in baltimore city.
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and abc2 was a proud sponsor of yesterday's baltimore ten miler. >> [applause] >> that is great. orioles win three out of four against the red sox. his 100th career home run, 23rd of the year. nicky markakis went four for five. he had his 32nd double. he picks up the win. jim johnson nailed it count. they are in detroit tomorrow night. >> and now maryland's most accurate forecast. a couple showers out there. you can notice just outside there we're dealing with just some scattered showers no thunder and lightning to contend with. maybe for tomorrow. aberdeen, a good steady downpour rain heading there. most sliding off to the east
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rapidly. then the sunshine will come right back out. centerville, you're another spot to see wind and rain, but not lightning. >> here is a shot downtown, 82 degrees. dewpoints up to 63p. a muggy feel. westerly wind at 9. made it to 83 today. that is on par for average in 99 degrees set back in 1991. we can get really hot this time of the year. we're not expecting 90s in the foreseeable future. 77 right now woodbine. 86 downtown right now. rain cooled 78 from aberdeen up to elk ton. dewpoints have come up significantly. dewpoints into the 60s. that is a sticky feel. when we get to 70, that is an oppressive feel. that will be the case going into tomorrow. so feeling like 88 downtown. feels like the mid- to upper 8 0s to the south. a little drier air to the north, but that well change over the next several hours.
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2degrees warmer in town than it was yesterday evening. the temperatures are starting to rise. now, the sunshine is back out, so quick moving system that's blowing through. the big show is out to the west in the form of a cold front. that will come in tomorrow afternoon. could see a couple of gusty thunderstorms. not expecting severe weather, but thunderstorms certainly in the mix not only tomorrow, but tuesday. already in to the 80s. we find 90s in tulsa. everybody sees the heat right now. that will be the deal for much of this week as we're just expecting above normal temperatures for the next seven to ten days. >> slow moving cold front. a lot of humidity. we'll mix up the atmosphere. a few thunderstorms could erupt. some could be strong. again, some lightning and wind could be a main component with
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these storms. future radar showing scattered showers for tonight. tomorrow showers and thunderstorms out there. tuesday a couple. future temperatures tomorrow into the 80s and close to 90 as we go into your day on tuesday. for tonight expect a couple early storms, otherwise fairly muggy. tomorrow 87. then for monday night, 68 degrees. 86 on tuesday. warm for wednesday into the week. we're talking close to 90 by next weekend. >> all right. kim's baby. the couple's due date was supposed to be july 11th. kim got sick and had the baby early. they are all doing fine, doing great. the first picks could come out for $5 billion. we'll be right back.
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thou will obey the speed limit. make sure your chin strap always works on your helmet. they are celebrating their 111th anniversary. you could barely understand what the pope was saying with the thundering engines. they gave the pope two white motorcycles which the police force will use. that is wild. >> i was waiting for the pope to jump on. that would have been cool. >> there is one thunderstorm. unsettled. we'll detail the forecast at 11:00. >> we'll see you for the nba
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finals tonight.
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maryland's spotlight is all about maryland living. >> welcome to maryland's spotlight. i'm kim knight. i bet you didn't know this but the maryland school for the blind is 159 years old. hard to believe that abraham lincoln was a congressman at the time. well, here to talk about the mission is the president of the maryland school for the blind. thank you for being here today. >> i'm glad to be here. thanks for asking me. >> so much going on in 159 years. >> the school's mission is to make the students who attend independent. they con from all over the state, 24 local school systems so we're really the maryland school for the blind.
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we're one maryland in the sense that we serve all these students as you said for 159 years and i would say young because the school does have a bright future that we're very much looking forward too but it has an outstanding service record and lots of proud traditions. >> i know you're proud of the success for the students. i know you want to talk about that. >> you can see on the screen right now some of our students. they are just delightful in every regard. kids first, all of them have a visual disability and sometimes multiple disabilities but when you walk down the halls or go to the classrooms as you see here on the picture, they are delightful children. they are fun loving and have bright futures. some of them need intensive services to get them to where they need to be in terms of achieving their full potential, but everyday what makes me
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excited to come to work to see the progress. we have wonderful staff to get students to do things and we can mention some of the successes. >> absolutely. >> we just had a track meet. there were students from west virginia, virginia, from philadelphia, by the way we won. >> [ laughter ] >> the track meet. >> we're very competitive at our school. >> a lot of people wouldn't think, a track meet. so that is just attributed to their success of the school and the students. it is wonderful. >> yes. we just had a track meet. we'll have a play next week with all our students will be on stage for the play. if you see on the screen right now, we have robotics competition where students got placed very high in state competition against 85 other teams and we got the team award because all of our students were able to run the robots as opposed to one on the other
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teams but everyone of our students blind, visually impaired did that. >> this is forest. he came to us from baltimore. he had unfortunately lost both of his parents and during the same year lost his vision. if there is ever i guess a prescription or ingredients for a drop out, that would have been forest but his family sent him to our school and he had to has to get a diploma. had he not passed that hsa, he could not go to college. i said forest you get one more shot to pass the test. what if you don't pass? >> he said i'm not going to be worried, i'm going to be successful whatever i do. >> what a great attitude. >> yet very inspiring. he passed the test. he made us all very happy, went to college, got a dog guide for the blind and he went back to school. >> he is such a good role model for students now. he can do this, i can do
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anything. >> absolutely. >> that is terrific. you law some work being done on the building. it is not exactly a young building, 1853. what are you having done? >> we have 100-acre campus and we moved to the location where we were 100 years ago. the city has grown around us, but some of the buildings are still in good shape. some buildings built in 1975 are not fully accessible and not good for the current population. now we have more students with multiple challenges the >> thanks to funding as well. >> we're so proud and happy. the governor of the general assembly has rallied around the school. i guess for 159 years we have been doing our job and they want to make sure we'll be around to serve maryland's children throughout the state. >> how does somebody qualify to
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be a student there? >> blindness or visual impairment is a qualifying necessity. and the visual impairment has to be of such a nature that would significantly interfere with your schooling. you don't have to be legally blind but we have some with partial vision and some totally blind. you qualify from coming through your local school system and you the parents and school make that determination. >> www.maryland school for the >> i wish you great success. thank you for coming on with us. >> thank you for joining us for maryland's spotlight. >> thank you. if you've got it, you know how hard it can be to breathe and man, you know how that feels.
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>> from hollywood, it's jimmy
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kimmel live: game night. with steve carell, kristen wiig, cousin sal, and rajon rondo. plus jason collins versus a 2-year-old. now with no time on the clock, here's jimmy kimmel! >> jimmy: welcome. thank you very much. thank you for watching. i'd like to say happy father's day for those of you who are fathers. father's day is the one day of the year when you can't call home and say hey, dad, hand the phone to mom. you want to give your dad a good gift for father's day, start turning the lights off when you leave the room. nothing will make him happier. also like to wish a happy you're the father to the men of the nba. how many women in our audience have raised a child sired by an
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nba player? i thought there will be more. it's important to the fans, frns, this fan who was excited about the team' win. tell me your name. >> jay. >> how important was the win? >> this is the best thing in my life forever. nothing better than this. this is the best night. i have three kids, and this is still better than that night. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: not everyone likes their kids. a crushing loss in game three. heat won game 4 decisively. this has been a back and forth series. first game, spurs were like what's up? and the heat were like uh-huh. and spurs came back, and heat were like, oh, no you didn't. twice the heat have bounced back with a decisive victory. seems what they need is another loss to setm


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